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83rd Annual Fall Meeting

9:00 AM Registration Opens
10:00 AM Meeting called to order by President Bill Flood
  Informal Session
  Past Presidents’ Comments
  1.  PGA of America District 1 Director Report
  2.  Special Recognitions and Outgoing Directors
  Formal Session   
  1.  Roll Call of Board of Directors
  2.  Roll Call of PGA Members (membership sign in)
  3.  Approval of the minutes from the 2016 Spring Membership Meeting
  4. Report of the Section President
  5.  Report of the Section Vice President
  6.  Report of the Section Secretary
           a.  Membership Report
           b.  Introduction of New Members
  7.  Report of the Executive Director
  8.  Report of the Connecticut Section PGA Golf Foundation
  Informal Session
  3.  Candidates Forum
12:30 PM Lunch
  Formal Session                 
  9.  Unfinished Business
  10.  New Business
  Informal Session
  4.  Good & Welfare
  Formal Session
  11.  Election of Board of Directors

         a.  President

           b. Vice President
             c. Secretary

         d. Two (2) Directors

           e. Oath of Office
3:00 PM   Adjournment