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Proposed Resolution; New Business & Question

83rd Annual Fall Meeting

All subjects, other than those on the agenda, must be presented a proposed resolution on a New Business Form 15 days prior to the meeting to be discussed at the following Spring meeting.


New Business Questions may be submitted to the New Business Chairman before the start of the meeting luncheon. During the New Business session, the questions will be read by the chair and answered. There will be no discussion on the questions. Questions will be accepted on section matters, programs, policies, etc. Please fill it out and and bring it with you to the meeting. Forms will also be available to all attendees onsite.


Table of Contents

1 - 83rd Annual Fall Meeting
2 - President's Welcome
3 - Agenda
4 - Annual Reports from Officers and Committees
5 - Proposed Resolution; New Business & Question
6 - Nominees for Officer & Director Positions