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What is the PGA BOOM Tour?

The Connecticut Section PGA BOOM (Bring On Our Movement) Tour is a golf league on wheels. As golf has seen a movement towards a more inclusive and diverse audience, the Connecticut Section PGA wants to provide an avenue for golfers of all experience levels to travel to different golf courses and enjoy the game in a non-competitive social way.

Who is it for?

It is for males and females with any experience level! Players must be over the age of 18.

Bring your group of friends, family or co-workers and enjoy a nice evening on the course!

What courses can I choose from?

This question is up to you! We will provide what we call “pod leagues” based around populated areas in Connecticut and Western Mass. Each pod league, like the Greater Hartford League for example, will have three host facilities and include approximately six course dates held from June-August.

You will be able to choose to stay local and join a select pod or, if you like traveling, there will be an all access membership that grants access to all course dates scheduled.

What about format for play?

Our goal is to make the day as casual and enjoyable as possible. The formats will vary per course date, but will be listed on the registration page. Scores will be entered via the Blue Golf app, which will provide live leaderboards for the day if you’d like to track your scores.

These tour dates are not tournaments or competitive format based. This tour is an avenue for you and your friends to get together, play golf and have access to different courses and different formats of play.

When are the tour dates?

A majority of dates will take place during weekdays with the tee times beginning at approximately 5:00 PM. When registering for course dates, members will have the option to select an open tee time. There will also be a handful of weekend opportunities. Events will primarily be 9-holes with a few designated 18-hole days mixed into the schedule.

Pod Leagues will be:

Greater Hartford League (Summer)

Central Connecticut League (Summer)

Greater New Haven League (Fall season)

Greater Springfield League (Fall season)

How much will it cost?

There will be two different membership options. A $25 membership fee that gives you access to specific pod leagues or a general $95 membership fee that gives you access to all course dates.

A complimentary USGA/GHIN Handicap number is included as well as benefits such as group clinics with a PGA Professional and food and drink promotions at courses on the tour.

Most importantly, members can share in the social aspect at each course and can play with people who share in their passion for golf.

Each day at each course will be priced differently based on each course’s fees.

*Sign up for the Connecticut Section PGA Mastercard from Avidia Bank and instantly be rewarded with $100 in redeemable points. The card automatically gives customers $100 in points on the anniversary of account opening. It’s like a free membership to the BOOM Tour each year! Plus, a portion of all purchases goes toward the Connecticut PGA Golf Foundation which helps to further support military veteran, diversity and youth programs.

PGA Professionals

Each host facility will have PGA Professionals who can help you begin or continue your golf journey. PGA Professionals are the leaders in the game and business of golf and want to help you get the most out of your golf experience!