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2017 PGA Hall of Fame and Champions Tribute

The fourth-annual Connecticut PGA Hall of Fame Induction and Champions Tribute was held on Sunday, November 19, 2017, at Lake of Isles. 

The 2017 Class of Inductees:

ED RUBIS (posthumously)

A former TOUR player and longtime head professional at Chicopee Country Club, “Eddie” Rubis was a member of The PGA of America for 42 years. Among his many championship wins were the Connecticut PGA Championship in 1961, 64, 65, 72, and 74; and the Senior Connecticut PGA Championship in 1983 and 84. He was a member of the South Florida Section at the time of his death in 2002.



GEORGE HUNTER (posthumously)





George Hunter served as Head Golf Professional at Meriden Municipal Golf Course for many years. After his retirement in 1967, the name of the course was officially changed to George Hunter Memorial Golf Course. It remains the only facility in the section to bear the name of a PGA Member. He was the winner of the Connecticut PGA Championship in 1934.








John Paesani has been a PGA Member for 31 years. He was the head professional at Norwich Golf Course for 26 years before moving to the New England Section where he is currently the head professional at The Bay Club. He was an active member of section governance serving for many years on the Board of Directors and as Tournament Committee Chairman. Paesani had an impressive playing career in the section, winning The Connecticut PGA Championship three times (1997, 93, 91), the Connecticut PGA Professional Championship twice (1997, 2001)and was the Player of the Year four times (1990-91, 97, 01).



Ken Doyle has been a member of the PGA for 40 years. He has been the Director of Instruction at Hop Meadow Country Club for the last 10 years. Prior to that, he was the head professional there for 30 years. Always eager for new and innovative teaching techniques, he has attended every Teaching and Coaching Summit that has been offered by both The PGA of America and the Connecticut Section. Doyle is one of the most respected and sought after instructors in the section









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