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Millennial Golf Tour

Who is the Millienial-Z TOUR Golfer?

Male and Female

Ages 19-38 (Millennial and part of Generation-Z)

Our players range widely in experience and ability. Some will have played in competitive golf formats while others might not have made it from the driving range to the golf course! When you sign up you will be asked to assess your experience so we can try to pair you with similar players.

What about format for play?

Our stableford division gives players a more laid-back option of playing. Instead of the traditional counting strokes, golfers will earn point totals depending on their score to par. For example, a par would get you three points, or a bogey would get you two points. If the golfer gets to a score where they won’t achieve 1 or more points they can simply pick up and move on to the next hole. This will help pace of play and take the pressure off having to finish a tough hole.

There will also be a traditional stroke play division in which our more experienced players can compete. In this division golfers will need to finish each hole out in order to card an official score for the event.

Each division will have a season long player of the year race. There will be a season ending “Championship” based on the final standings. The respective player’s of the year will earn trophies.

When will events take place?

Most events will take place during weekdays with tee times beginning at approximately 4:00 PM. Weekday events will be 9-holes. We hope to offer a handful of weekend 18-hole events as well.

How much will it cost?

There will be a $95 membership fee and each event cost will vary slightly based on the number of holes played and the facility. As a rule of thumb each event will be similarly priced in relation to what the club typically charges as a standard rate. Players will have an option to purchase a cart on-site the day of the event.

*Sign up for the Connecticut Section PGA Mastercard from Avidia Bank and instantly be rewarded with $100 in redeemable points. The card automatically gives customers $100 in points on the anniversary of account opening. It’s like a free membership to the Millennial Tour each year!

PGA Professionals

Each host facility will have PGA Professionals who can help you begin or continue your golf journey if you are looking for professional assistance. PGA Professionals are the leaders in the game and business of golf and want to help you get the most out of your golf experience!

More Information

The season is anticipated to started in April/May. If you are interested and want to be included on our mailing list please contact Tim Paragone at