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Tournament Rules & Regulations

The Tournament Rules and Regulations of the Connecticut Section PGA shall govern the conduct of all professional, open, invitational, and sponsored tournaments of the Association.


These are amended by the Board of Directors and voting members of the Association at Spring and Fall meetings. For a complete printable PDF document of the most recently amended edition, CLICK HERE.

The Tournament Rules and Rugulations- By Article

CLICK HERE for resolutions that were proposed and amended following the 2017 season.

Article I            
               Amendment Procedures
Article II Authority and Definitions
Article III
            Approved Events
              Assistants' Association
Article IV Eligibility
            PGA Member Eligibility 
              Apprentice Eligibility
Article V
             Section Individual Championships
           Section Team Championships
             Section Junior Championships
           Section Sponsored Tournaments
             PGA Tour & Affiliate Qualifiers
             PGA of America Tournaments & Qualifiers
Article VI
            Official Entry 
           Entry Deadline
             Starting Times
             Alternate Professionals
Article VII Tournament Policy and Procedure
            Pairings and Starting Time Procedures
            Discontinuance of Play
            Pace of Play
            Golf Cars and Caddies


          Non-Metal/Spikeless Golf Shoes/Release of Liability
Article VIII Competition
           Rules of Play
Article IX  Prizes and Awards
            Professional Prizes and Awards
            Section Player of the Year
            Senior Player of the Year
            Assistant Player of the Year 
            Tournament Point System
Article X Conduct
            Professional Dress Code
            Amateur Dress Code
            Conduct Violations
Article XI Disciplinary Action
Appendix I Host Professional Duties and Responsibilities
            Course Preparation
            Pre-Tournament Responsibilities 
            Tournament Responsibility 
Appendix II Tournament Points System
            Player Performance Points
            Senior Player Performance Points
Appendix III Connecticut Section Rules of Play
            Blue Hard Card
Appendix IV Pro-Am Series