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Foundation Charity Classic

The 2021 PGA Charity Classic is scheduled for Monday, October 11, at the Hartford Golf Club.

For questions, contact: Sally Sohn | email: (T) 860-430-2302 | (F) 860-430-5612

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How the Charity Classic Makes a Difference

We want to continue to positively impact lives through the support our foundation receives from events like this Charity Classic. Our foundation supports programs for youth, military veterans, diverse populations and more. By donating or participating in the Charity Classic, you can help us continue to make a meaningful difference.

Quotes from Beneficiaries

"Thank you for helping us showcase what our athletes CAN do."
"Because of your gift, we will reach the next level of excellence in providing sports training, health screenings and resources to more than 12,000 participants."

Quote from a Veteran who participated in the PGA HOPE program

"This experience has been nothing short of amazing!! Looking forward to next year! Thanks for everything"


"We are incredibly grateful for the partnership we have with the foundation and the section. Thanks for this grant that allowed us to continue impacting young people in CT through this great game!"

Golfers In Motion Program

"Helped me understand that after a traumatic motorcycle accident that cost me my leg, that I can get out and do anything I put my heart into."
-A participant in the program