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Levels of Play

Levels of Play

The Connecticut Section PGA Junior Golf TOUR is proud to offer events at three different levels to promote proper development for a lifelong journey in golf. The ultimate goal is to create positive and competitive experiences tailored to each juniors’ development level.

These levels are focused around Golf’s American Development Model. The American Development Model (ADM) is a concerted effort between the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and its National Governing Bodies of sport to apply long-term athlete development principles in a way that resonates with the culture of sport in the United States.

We’ve tailored these levels you see below to coincide with our vision for the Junior TOUR.

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The Champions TOUR is designed is for players in the play to win stage of development. Players at this level are most likely seeking to play collegiatly at some level.

Boys will be playing from yardages of 6500-6900 and girls will be playing from 5500-5900 yards. These will all be 36-hole events that will be ranked by Junior Golf Scoreboard and be reviewed by the AJGA for PBE stars.

The Junior Golf Committee will reserve the right to recommend a player be reassigned to the Players TOUR for further development if they fail to meet guidelines during the season. Below are the recommended guidelines for this level:

  • Access to this TOUR will rely on GHIN Handicap Index’s, past tournament scores, and recommendations from your PGA Professional
  • It is recommended that boys have a GHIN Handicap Index of 10.0 or better (and be able to play yardages 6600-6900)
  • It is recommended that girls should have a GHIN Handicap Index of 18.0 or better (must be able to play yardages 5600-5900)
  • The Junior Golf Committee has the right to deny a player entry into an event based on their Handicap Index, past scores, or recommendation from their PGA Professional
  • Boys who play on the Champions TOUR and have a round over 100 will be recommended to further their development on the Players TOUR
  • Girls who play on the Champions TOUR and have a round over 110 will be recommended to further their development on the Players TOUR

The Players TOUR is designed for players who are in the play to compete phase. These players will have had prior tournament experience either from the high school level, Junior TOUR, PGA Jr. League or other organized golf. These will be 18-hole contests with boys playing from approximately 5800-6000 yards and girls playing from the forward tees. Players will be able to graduate to the Champions TOUR at any point during the season.

  • Players do not have to advance if they don’t want to
  • Players will be required to send in a PGA Professional Certification form

The Developmental TOUR will be for players ages 8-15 who are in the play to learn stage of development. Players here are looking to take the next step in their development and begin competing in individual stroke play events. These will be 9-hole tournaments. Caddies will be permitted. There will be separate teeing areas for players 8-10, 11-13, and 14-15 respectively. Yardages will range from approximately 1500-3000 yards depending on age. There are no player of the year points at this level. Players who wish to graduate to the 18-hole Players TOUR can do so if deemed ready.

Estimated Yardage:

Girls 8-10: 1500-1800

Boys 8-10 & Girls 11-13: 1800-2100

Boys 11-13 & Girls 14-15: 2300-2700

Boys 14-15: 2700-3000

  • It is recommended that players have experience with PGA Jr. League or at the very least a basic understanding of golf to be able to successfully navigate the golf course and have a positive experience.