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Northeast Junior Swing

Northeast Junior Swing

The Northeast Junior Swing was unable to launch in 2020 due to the ongoing challenges presented by Covid-19. This joint effort between the Connecticut, Metropolitan, and New England PGA Sections will bring together the regions top talent as an extension to the local tours.

In 2021 the idea was launced. Each Section sent invited representatives to participate in a Championship event on August 28-29 at The Ranch Golf Club in Southwick, Mass. The event included a dinner and college coach Q&A.

This collaboration is something that all three sections are very excited about and is the first step in what we hope is going to be something much larger moving forward.

Roberta Weigert Estate Support

During 2019 the Connecticut Section PGA Golf Foundation received an $80,000 donation from the Roberta Weigert Estate in support of Connecticut Section PGA Junior Golf programming. Mrs. Weigert lived in South Windsor, Conn., and passed away in 2017.

The Connecticut Section PGA Golf Foundation supports a number of programming including PGA HOPE, Special Olympics, Gaylord Hospital and our Connecticut Section PGA Junior Golf Association. Each year the Foundation underwrites the Junior TOUR as a way to provide a high level experience while keeping entry fees at a reasonable rate.

The Weigert Estate donation allows us to enhance events such as the Northeast Swing Championship. Without her donation this event would not be able to operate in its current state.