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Northeast Junior Swing

Northeast Junior Swing

The Northeast Junior Swing took a back seat in 2020 due to the ongoing challenges presented by Covid-19. We hope that some of you were able to learn about the vision of this new venture between the Connecticut, Metropolitan, and New England Section PGA.

This joint effort between PGA Sections will bring together the regions top talent as an extension to the local tours. Each Section will host one event during the summer that will culminate in a season ending championship and college seminar event.

Each event will be ranked by Junior Golf Scoreboard and be submitted to the AJGA for PBE start approval. There will also be a player of the year race held and top point earners will be invited to the championship event. There will also be an exemption into the 2021 Northern Junior (criteria to be determined).

All events will be listed on each Section’s respective tournament page and will not require separate account or login information. The communication and operation of each event will come from the host Section.

This collaboration is something that all three sections are very excited about and is the first step in what we hope is going to be something much larger moving forward. Although the inaugural participants might not reap the benefits that will be had in the years to come, we hope that everyone who participates in this event will be able to look back and feel proud to have participated in what hopes to be a prestigious series.