Connecticut Section PGA Golf Foundation Annual Meeting

Hartford, Conn. (May 23, 2019) – U.S. Service Veterans participating at Goodwin Park Golf Course in the 4th session of their PGA HOPE program (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) and Foundation Board of Directors enjoyed a meet and greet breakfast before the start of the 24th Annual Meeting of the Connecticut Section PGA Golf Foundation.

During the meeting, it was reported that the Foundation recently received an $80,000 donation from the Roberta Weigert Estate. It was stated in her will that she wished that these funds be solely used to support the Connecticut PGA Junior Golf programs. Mrs. Weigert lived in South Windsor, Conn., and passed away in 2017.

The Foundation is awarding $32,000 of financial assistance to a total of 46 applicants; that included 26 PGA Jr. League teams; 6 Junior Golf TOUR tournaments; and 14 other organizations/programs. This brings the total amount to $917,190 of financial awards granted to the community since 2001 when these awards began. This amount does not include $202,966 that the Foundation has underwritten Connecticut PGA Junior programming as a net loss for the past six years.

Moreover, as customary the Foundation elected its new board members who will serve a one-year terms. Re-elected were Joe Connerton (President/Treasurer); Andrew Campbell (Vice President); Jeff Beyer (Secretary); and Directors Geoff Grzywinski, Gary Reynolds, Frank Selva, Vic Svenberg, and Gary Wolff. Newly elected Directors were Rob Barbeau, Chris Bland, Tim Gavronski, and Tom Halsted.