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PGA Professional Golf League

Season-long Two-person Team event

The season long  PGA Professional Golf League came to an end on Thursday, October 12th.  League Commissioner Ian Marshall and Watertown Golf Club welcomed all the teams which joined together on the final day to play a 9-hole Modified Alternate Shot and 9-Hole Scramble format to determine the 2017 Champions. 

The Astros (Kevin & Geno Giancola) and the White Sox ( Rick Fleury & Bill Rosenblum) tied at the top of the leaderboard for the day posting scores of 65 (6-under).  With their play in the final round, the Sox made a move up in the standings but the Astros, who were tie for the lead going into the event, were able to hold off and be crowned the 2017 PGA Professional Golf League Champions.  Congratulations Kevin & Geno!!!


CLICK HERE to see Final Standings for 2017.


Visit the Blue Golf Webpage for more information. For 2017 League Rules and Regulations (Click Here).


TEAMS PGA Professional PGA Professional Division
Yankees E.J. Altobello Chris Tallman AL East
Red Sox Paul Barnsley Joe Mongillo AL East
Orioles Paul Brown Jack McConachie AL East
Blue Jays Andrew Campbell Frank Carta AL East
Mets Glenn Carlson Jeff DelRosso NL East
Nationals Dave Dell Ed Slattery NL East
Phillies Ron Dellostritto John Korolyshun NL East
Braves Josh Detmer Dustin Haddad NL East
Indians John Dipollina Mark Moriarty  AL Central
White Sox Rick Fleury Bill Rosenblum AL Central
Royals Howie Friday John Steffen AL Central
Tigers Jordan Gosler Zac Stennett  AL Central
Cubs Tom Hantke Ralph Salito NL Central
Cardinals Kevin Mahaffy John Vitale NL Central
Pirates Joe Mentz Pete Seaman NL Central
Reds Brent Paladino Billy Street NL Central
Angels Kevin Piecuch Tim Quirk AL West
Rangers Ian Marshall Bob Kay AL West
Mariners Scott Vroman Patrick Aldrich AL West
Astros Geno Giancola Kevin Giancola AL West
Giants Chris Bland Sean Busca NL West
Dodgers Jim Casagrande Jim McDonald NL West
Padres Jan Wivestad Mike Carney NL West
Rockies Bryan Mooney Jeff Mann NL West



2017 Kevin Giancola and Geno Giancola

Ron Dellostritto and Adam Rainaud


Brent Paladino and William Street


John Vitale and Joe Mongillo


Bob Kay and Ian Marshall


Bob Kay and Ian Marshall


Bob Kay and Ryan Bowe